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| August 29, 2016


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ain't seen no mounties yet.

A non-food related post today, because I accomplished four things on this not-so-sunny Saturday and that's three more than last week (I count waking up when the list is in want).

It was one of those mornings when you wake up early and question the use of your weekend. But I knew I was graduating to a nicer bed with real pillows, so early was okay. I waited among the pile of all my belongings while Nadia did whatever she was doing upstairs, then trudged four loads up two flights because I have my momma's genes and overpack like a champion. Also I had frozen desserts, so don't get too judgmental.

I forced myself to organize so next weekend's departure would be stress-free, then took a much needed, long awaited NAP. My stomach wasn't having it and woke me up, so half a box of Nilla Wafers vanished before I realized dinner should probably be a little more substantial and a little less sweet.

I ventured out to Yorkdale, knowing there was a Chipotle somewhere out there. Oh my lands is that place monstrous. I've never been to a ritzy shopping mall that large, with valet parking and an electronic record of how many spots are available. Educational moment for the day. I got lost a thousand times trying to figure out how to even enter the mall grounds, and wandered aimlessly once inside, again quite unable to properly read the shopper's guide. "You are HERE" didn't help me at all.

My new kitchen view.

This trip has taught me how to function in uncertainty and how to be okay with feeling lost at every turn. I've morphed into a monster Canadian driver and will utilize the full return drive to transition back into a more respectful traveller of the road. These people, I tell you.

It's also taught me that I have no sense of fashion. 80% of the men I've seen dress better than me.

I had a moment, though, while traversing the city. I wasn't using my GPS because it doesn't always work properly up here, despite a recent update. I didn't really know where I was going, and I had an angry man tailing me who seemed to be headed to my same unknown destination. Apparently 20 km over the limit isn't fast enough.

When I came over a hill, the sky was illuminated between buildings; for a moment I felt nowhere near Toronto or Canada or even back home in the Midwest. Before me lay a barrier of dark, beautiful clouds that looked like an enormous mountain range. For the brief moment my mind was immobilized by the sight; I felt not lost… but at home.

I then parked illegally to get gas and figure out where on earth Yorkdale was hidden, and life resumed to its normal haphazard state.

It's against the law to use your phone at all while driving in Canadaland, so I was a good girl and didn't take any pictures of the scene. Instead, I'm sharing with you my cute new windowsill. Because this is a beautiful upgrade from my windowless, sticky-walled former residence. It's also where I'll probably be taking food pictures from now on, because I have zero other options. It was good while it lasted!

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