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| August 29, 2016


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pumpkin spice donuts.

Remember Kristian Irey's visit this past summer? It's hard to forget her amazing photography. I've been saving one of the sessions for the coming of fall, and with the sheer amount of leaves blanketing our hill, I'd say it's come at last.

I do love warm weather - warm, not hot - but my favorite time of year is when the air is crisp and cool and the world around changes so drastically on a daily basis. Yes, I would die for a climate that allows for shorts and a sweater (I love the combination), but honestly. Hovering over the steam of a warm apple cider and hearing the leaves crunch beneath your feet, or kicking up snow with fuzzy boots after a heavy winter storm... it's magnificent.
I grew up snow skiing with my family. My earliest memories are on skis. I can say I don't remember a thing about walking when I was three, but know with absolutely certainty that I was enjoying the bunny hills already.

Every winter, my parents and I would pack up and head somewhere beautiful with the hope of finding fresh powder. Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Utah, Colorado... I loved it. The bigger the mountain, the better. The past two winters have been rather uneventful, though, as my parents are getting older and are less inclined to adventure as they once were.

I used to travel with friends to hit the slopes, but we've all gone separate ways and it's difficult to mesh schedules during high peak season. Not that I don't love them, but what I really need is to find some new friends close by that will happily juggle their lives around to empty their wallets and fill up on snow.

Or I just need to find a man willing to do the same and marry him right here, right now. Consider this my online dating profile. We'll keep it hush-hush about where we actually met... sayyyy, maybe the warming hut at the top of the hill? Sounds not the least bit romantic, knowing exactly what I look like all bundled up with iced snotcicles stuck to my neckwarmer. Glamorous, yes?

Ahem. Back to the donuts.

If you're feeling bold, I might suggesting amping up the spices a bit. I'm used to my grandmother's pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and that baby is loaded with all kinds of delicious ingredients. It's no ordinary pumpkin dessert... and I've come to realize that I gauge every pumpkin flavored dish by how well it stacks up to that pie.

So maybe these donuts will be just right for you. Or maybe you're like me and the smell of nutmeg instantly sparks thoughts of the holidays... and you need just a little bit extra oomph to get the nostalgia in full gear.

Normally, I would share the recipe here for you to look over and print... but you need to visit the original post for this one! The author's photography is stunning and I just plain love her blog. So hop on over to Pastry Affair and take a gander. Make some donuts, and wish for snow for me. :)

Photos in this post by Kristian Irey.

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